Escape Game Spy 2, 60/2/3 Logical Escape. Kraków.
Escape Game Spy 2, 60/2/3 Logical Escape. Kraków.
Escape Game Spy 2, 60/2/3 Logical Escape. Kraków.

Escape Game Spy 2

Players 2—6 players
Age Age restriction 8+
Time 60 min. to complete
Price 79—119 zł per team

About the game Spy 2

…and we all hoped that our lieutenant managed to escape from communist Poland. Unfortunately he did not manage to come to the meeting with you. On it, you were supposed to give him what you have found in his apartment. Bad people were on his trail, but luckily he did manage to hide. Where? You need to find it out. But that’s not all! This is not the only task. You also have to keep captain Esbeck and his men as far from the apartment as it is possible. If they will remain away from the apartment, than our lieutenant may have the chance to escape. Time is your biggest enemy. Over here not minutes, but seconds do matter. Will you try it?

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Address escape game Spy 2

Kraków, 60/2/3 Dietla 93 street - Pavilion in the Courtyard
735-431- ... Show phone number

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