Escape Game Spy, 60/2/3 Logical Escape. Kraków.
Escape Game Spy, 60/2/3 Logical Escape. Kraków.
Escape Game Spy, 60/2/3 Logical Escape. Kraków.

Escape Game Spy

Players 2—6 players
Age Age restriction 8+
Time 60 min. to complete
Price 79—119 zł per team

About the game Spy

It is me – colonel Kowalski. I have to confess – I am a spy. I know, you didn’t suspect a thing. I did my job pretty well then. I have managed to secure some really important documents throughout this years in Krakow. World order is constantly changing. Probably I have already managed to prevent World War III. But now situation is pretty bad. Security Service is onto me. I need your help. Do you hear me?! YOU HAVE TO! I need you to go to my place on Dietla street. Over there you will find a key. Get through safety devices, find the radio station, destroy the ciphers and get the microfilms. They will help you in escape. Don’t get caught! If i won’t get out… Now you are involved. It is all up to you. Good luck!

Photos escape game Spy


Address escape game Spy

Kraków, 60/2/3 Dietla 93 street - Pavilion in the Courtyard
735-431- ... Show phone number

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