Escape Game Usurper, 60/2/3 Logical Escape. Kraków.
Escape Game Usurper, 60/2/3 Logical Escape. Kraków.
Escape Game Usurper, 60/2/3 Logical Escape. Kraków.

Escape Game Usurper

Players 2—4 players
Age Age restriction 8+
Time 60 min. to complete
Price 79—99 zł per team

About the game Usurper

Truly our days are really dark for this city and country. Country of Lech is facing a horrible war. Huge army is almost at our city gates. They don’t want to enslave us or simply take the city. Krakow is meant to be destroyed and its people murdered. Not only we have to worry about this, our crown jewels have been stolen by some mean spirits. We lost the crown, scepter and globus cruciger. They want to put their man on our throne. It is unacceptable! How can we defeat the enemy, if we by everything pure, won’t have our crown jewels? If we want to stand up to aggressor, we need hope, which now is lost. We need thee to get crown jewels back. Do it, or City of Kings will be burned to the ground.

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Address escape game Usurper

Kraków, 60/2/3 Dietla 93 street - Pavilion in the Courtyard
735-431- ... Show phone number

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