Escape Game The Saw Trap, HouseEscape. Warsaw.
Escape Game The Saw Trap, HouseEscape. Warsaw.
Escape Game The Saw Trap, HouseEscape. Warsaw.

Escape Game The Saw Trap

Players 3—5 players
Age Age restriction 16+
Time 60 min. to complete
Price 120—160 zł per team

About the game The Saw Trap

The description of the room:
The Construction of the Room requires the cooperation and they are not the empty words…. The ideal solution to check the loyalty of the people whom you thought you know well. Find out how your friends will react in the unworkable situations when the choice has to be made… It is the time of the decision where each decision has got its consequences and changes the scenario of the Game.


In this room the cooperation is the key. You become the victims of Mr. Jigsaw. You wake up in the dark place and suddenly nothing is clear. You understand very quickly that you have to cooperate and you are dependent on one another. However, now you have to decide whom you trust and whom you do not… You have to obey the Mr. Jigsaw’s rules or there will be the punishment… He predicted all your movements, nothing is accidental. After the first minute you will realize that it is not an ordinar Escape Room but something more… You will see your friends in a way you did not know… who is a traitor? Who says the truth? Who is trustworthy? Maybe you should save only yourself? Shall we play the Game…?

Photos escape game The Saw Trap


Address escape game The Saw Trap

Warsaw, ul. Łopuszańska 53 02-232 Warszawa
+48 500 ... Show phone number

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